Day Trips to St Moritz From Milan


If you are in Milan and want to spend your day in a different way, then here is a pretty cool idea to visit St Moritz. You can view the beauty of nature at the highest level. The mountains and the train ride to the city will be the most beautiful moments. St Moritz is one of the beautiful cities of Switzerland. Horse racing, polo and cricket are hosted on the frozen lakes of the city. Bernina Express train will help you reach St. Moritz from Milan. The city has sunshine 300 days in a year and the beautiful sceneries of nature welcome lots of tourist from different parts of the world.

Before Visiting the city, it is always suggested to know some facts about the place so that you can enjoy the place thoroughly. You can visit different travel websites and read about the place. For more information you can visit is one of the websites that has all the information regarding the best holiday destinations, and you also get to book your hotel room and hire a car.

Tours to St. Moritz From Milan

  • Lake Como – Lake Como is just the beginning of the wonderful day of the trip to St Moritz. After boarding the train from Tirano, you will reach St Moritz. Lake Como will be the place where you can take a ride for a lake cruise. You can book the tickets online. The package will include an hour cruise with luxury coach trip and walking tour in the town. You can enjoy the scenic view of grandiose mountains and the Poschiavo valley. The tour package includes train tickets from Milan to St Moritz, the tickets for the cruise and a walking tour in the city.
  • Visit to Swiss Alps – Need to click some fantastic pictures? Before boarding the train to St Moritz, you can spend some time in Tirano.You can travel in the city with a professional guide who can take you to the iconic places in the city. You can explore the green hills and the wonderful mountain streams. In the tour package, you will get the train trip from the Swiss Alps, second class train express tickets and a perfect guide to make your trip memorable.
  • Lake Como To Lugano and Switzerland Tour – The tour starts from Lake Como where you can take a ride in the boat. You can view the beautiful villas of the celebrities. You can travel to the village Billagio that is situated on the lake. If you want to know the history of the village there are some spectacular historical monuments where you can explore the past of the village.  After completing the trip of the Lake Como, you can enjoy a wonderful stay at the calm Swiss city Lugan.

After visiting St Moritz, you can explore the calm nature of the city. The beauty and the scenic views are enough to conquer your mind. The city has many sports options so this becomes more exciting for visitors to spend time in St Moritz.

There are people who visit St Moritz just to watch the Horse racing on the ice lakes. The city gives employment to thousands of people in the peak season who serve hundreds of hotels. You can enjoy the green mountains in the city of Tirano and the mind-blowing mountain views where you can click perfect pictures amidst nature. A perfect guide in the tour can make your experience to this beautiful place more interesting.

A day trip to St. Moritz can be made more fun only if you plan in advance. Make sure that you make all the bookings on a reputed travel website, in order to avoid any disappointment on your vacation.