Factors to Be Considered While Borrowing From Money Lenders


What do you understand by the word Money Lender?

Well a money lender is a person who lends money or personal loan. The loan can be given by a single person or a group of people. In the same manner the loan is given to a single person or a group of people.

The loans are generally given a higher rate of interest. The reason for keeping high interest rates is the size of the risk. Larger the amount of money, higher the rate of interest!

There are numerous money lenders in the market. Some of them are licensed while some are not. Mostly people come to ask for money to the money lenders who have a negative image in the money market.

These people are those who do not any access or entry in the banks. Generally gamblers and impulsive shoppers come under this category. The money lenders who do not have license and give loans to above mentioned people are called as “Loan Sharks”.

There is a significance difference between licensed money lenders and loan sharks. This is important to understand to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

The licensed money lenders work in a different manner. They adopt the working style similar to the banking institutions. They prefer to give loans to the people who have a good reputation in the market.

They do not undertake any strict actions or harass people in case of any default in repayment of the loan. They prefer to give gentle and formal notices and reminders. They undertake the legal ways. The licensed money lenders located in Singapore are verified and authorized by the Ministry of Law.

Important Factors:

  • Try searching and approaching other options like friends, family and government agencies who can lend you some money. Many times these options work in favor and you might end up getting up the desired loan.
  • Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing any contract or loan agreement. It is a very important factor as all the documents have legal binding on both the parties.
  • Give a second thought if you will be able to stick to the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. If you feel that it might get difficult for you, then you should search for other options.
  • Borrow a reasonable amount only. Make sure you have estimated the worst case scenario. If you are not able to repay the loan the consequences can be legal. So make sure you have applied for an amount which you can easily repay.
  • Understand the interest rate applicable on your loan amount. This is very important because things might get complicated at later stages.
  • Do proper researches on Credit Excel Capital market as this may give you an exact idea about how the procedure goes on!

Consider these factors before borrowing money from money lenders. This can help you in smooth processing of the entire loan management.