Brennan & Clark LLC- An Insight into The Skills You Need for a Collection Agency


A collection agency is a place where calls are made to people that have outstanding debts and credit. The professionals who work in a collection agency have to be very proactive as they make calls to these people to collect these outstanding debts on behalf of their clients. Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in a collection agency? Do the staff employed here ever get tired of making calls? This post will give you a brief insight into the above questions and more!

Brennan & Clark LLC- what do the experts say?

Brennan & Clark LLC is a credible name in the field of innovative credit solutions and debt collection in the USA for approximately 37 years. The professionals have mastered the art of collection calls to such an extent they are widely sought after in the market today for their services. The experienced professionals here state that when it comes to collection calls, the first lesson they give is never take the calls personally. There often is a lot of confrontation involved with screaming thrown in. In order to be professional, do not scream back. Handling complaints is not an easy task and can be stressful when you are new to the job. However, there are attitude shifts you can make when you are on the job- the first being the person who needs to pay the outstanding debt is not angry with you- he or she turns defensive and this leads to a raise of voice.

Be patient and professional

Once the tone becomes loud, you need to be patient and professional. Let the person shout and when he or she sees you are not reacting negatively the tone does come down. This is your opportunity to talk and use innovative solutions to get the person to pay back the debts or the loans due. When you are new in a collection agency, senior workers and management will help you with training programs on how collection calls should be made and handled. They will provide you with tips and tricks on how you can get the person to repay the debts taken to the client.

Talking, listening and negotiating

Talking, listening and negotiating are the primary skills you need to work on when you decide to choose a collection agency for your career. However, there is another important skill you need to work on – emphatic skills. It is crucial for you to show empathy to the client. This often works however you must identify the opportunity where you need to display empathy.

The experts here at Brennan & Clark LLC state that when you work in a collection agency, you get a rewarding career in the long-term. Once you have picked up the skills with time on how to handle collection calls, the task of collection becomes very easy for you. At the same time, you effectively are able to work in a field that is booming so the career prospects are quite bright and the growth opportunities good!