Brand safeguard guide of a Celebrity


Imagine if your brand has a seven numbered follower list, like the Victoria’s secret or Kardashian sisters. Or if it was as dominant and lucrative as Oprah’s empire? These people have pushed limits and worked really hard to establish an extraordinary brand and shield it from rivals.

It doesn’t matter if your business is small right now, the measures you take today to protect and build the brand will establish the ground for success and growth in the near future.

The following are the lessons from the leading stars:

Instruction 1: Establishing the Brand

Victoria’s secret is stylish and glamorous but before it turned into a multimillion-dollar industry, it was just a small clothing store owner in California. They rose to worldwide fame because of the Limited Brand ownership. Kardashians have also a similar kind of journey. They were also clothing line owners in Los Angeles (suburbs). The idea of starting a TV show overnight took them on an international journey and establishes the brand on almost the whole range of flip-flops to cosmetics.

These both brands and businesses, building an organization means pondering upon about the distinctive features of your company, your ideal customers and what your company believes in.

Once you have these answers, the brand image has to be established. When your target audience connects with your brand, they become fans.

Instruction 2: File for Trademark Registration

A registered trademark provides you with exclusive rights to use your mark anywhere in reference to your goods and services. Registering your trademark as the intellectual property is very important for your brand as it is one basic way to gain an edge over your rivals. Registering your trademark allows your industry to specify the services and products you provide as your unique product.

To safeguard your brand, you should first conduct a thorough trademark search to make sure that the mark you pick is your unique mark as if the mark resembles a symbol which has already been registered; you can be sued for trademark infringement. If your chosen mark is already out there, the registrar can flag ‘trademark objection’ on your file. Trademark search is an inexpensive thing, which saves a lot of trouble for near future. Meryl Streep has filed for the trademark of her name so that no one can use it without authorization. Taylor Swift has also trademarked “look what you made me do” lines, which makes sure that no one can print these lines on t-shirts or guitars without authorization.

Instruction 3: Enforcement of these rights

When you get a trademark registered, it is your responsibility for taking action against trademark infringement. If you let anyone use your mark, your mark ceases to be a valuable property. When you come across an act of infringement, you must send a ‘cease and desist’ letter. This letter basically advises the infringer about your trademark rights and requests them to stop using it. When you enforce your trademark, you are basically monitoring trademark applications and prevent those which can harm your reputation.